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Here's what proud parents have to say about West Street Pre-school

“The pre-school has always provided a standard of care for my daughter which has been excellent.

She has thrived in her time at West Street Pre-school, mainly as a result of the staff, whose commitment is second to none.”

“It is impressive that a parent is reassured their child is being well educated, fed, loved and most of all safe. I can honestly say there is no doubt in my mind, when I leave my child at WestStreetPre-school, that my child is getting all of this from the staff.”

“I am the Mum of a young boy, and would just like to mention a few things about West Street Pre-school.

I am a single parent and have brought him up solely on my own. I also suffer severe migraine attacks frequently, so it was lovely to find I had been granted a place at West Street Pre-school for four mornings a week. Since attending this wonderful pre-school, he has developed in confidence and ability and looks forward to attending every morning. He loves the attention and stimulation he gets from the pre-school environment and it makes me very happy to see the big smile on his face when I collect him at the end of each session.”

“West Street Pre-school is a wonderful setting, with very caring and supportive staff. My daughter has a communication delay and they have worked fantastically with her and helped her to settle into the group, which she found difficult at times, nearly as difficult as me!

The staff should be praised for their commitment to the learning needs of each child in the group. Joan is Isabelle’s key person and she has even made copies of the learning cards she uses, so we can use them at home for consistency.

Isabelle has grown during the few months she has been attending West Street Pre-school, she is more confident around groups of children and her understanding has developed  no end. We have a few words now, and I am sure with continued support of WestStreetPre-school, she will be chattering my ear off soon!

With their hard work with fundraising, they keep the costs of sessions down for families, which are much needed. They provide an invaluable service for our community.”