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Each child has a 'Key Person' who is responsible for keeping their development files  up to date, by inputting onto  their key child's Tapestry online site. These are shared with their child's parents/carers on our 'on line Learning Journals' via Tapestry and the parents/carers can also input to share their child's development successes at home with their child's Key Person.

We actively ask for feedback from parents/carers so we can reflect on our practice and procedures, this can be verbally or by questionnaires.

Most of our children attend West Street Pre-school who have had a verbal recommendation from other families who have previously attended. Or who have had siblings come here before. A few, are children who came here and are now bringing their own children here. Which is lovely to see, as we have been providing a pre-school service since 1980.

We check regularly that any measures we have in place re Covid-19 are consistent with current advice, as we receive Government updates on a regular basis which we follow. We are confident that our systems of control in place keep all as safe as possible in West Street Pre-school.

We look forward to seeing you

  • Making friends in our wooden cars
  • Whether you're a shopkeeper or a shopper, it's fun in the pet shop
  • Children and staff cleaning the equipment
  • Special birthday snack time at Pre-School
  • Walk in the community to visit the local Fire Station
  • Digging and moving stones together can form friendships
  • Enjoy learning about capacity and acquiring pouring skills
  • Learning through playing in the 'mud kitchen'
  • Having an easter picnic inside, when it rains
  • Building with Duplo
  • A cardboard box stimulates the imagination and communication