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Committee Group

Committee Group

Voluntary Managed Committee Group

West Street Pre-school has a parent-run committee which needs you to enable the group to run. We are a Registered Charity 1036704.

What is the purpose of a committee?

The pre-school parent led committee is responsible for the overall management and smooth running of the setting. The committee is the employer of staff in the pre-school and so have overall responsibility for recruiting; training and developing staff; paying their wages and managing their contracts.

The committee also has the responsibility for things like developing a Business Plan; A self evaluation system (SEF); managing the daily accounts and working with staff, ensuring the setting follows health and safety risk assessments; Data Protection procedures followed; insurance payments; EYFS and Welfare Requirements adhered to. and first aid guidance. In March 2022 we were graded as a 'Good' pre-school by Ofsted.

What is there in it for new parents?

Research shows clear benefits for children when parents become actively involved in their child’s learning and developing.

Volunteering offers an ideal opportunity to be more involved. Parents also find benefits for themselves including meeting other parents, updating skills and learning new ones, as well as putting something back into the community.

Increasing their I.T.skills by finding out how to use Microsoft Teams to join meetings during the Covid-19 pandemic. When face to face group meetings were not allowed.


As a small pre-school we organise fundraising events and apply for grants to improve our resources and service provision.

We hold annual events such as Yard Sales, Sponsored Events, Raffles, Book Sales, Car Boot sales.

We welcome any new ideas or assistance.

West Street Pre-school Committee

Chair Person: Jane Hewitt

Vice Chairperson Hilary Clough

Treasurer and Fundraising Co-ordinator : Pat Trotter

Secretary : Sally Edwardes (Plus Minutes Secretary)

Committee Members
Sarah Jubb (First Aid reviews undertaken)

Mary Said

Lydia McGoldrick

Purdy Blow

Megan Hayes

Claire Curran Pre-school staff link



Co-Opted Members
Claire Curran (Safeguarding & Health and Safety Coordinator )
Pat Trotter ( Nominated Person for Ofsted)

Invited staff for specific functions.
Sally Edwardes ( Minute secretary and Newsletter organiser )

The committee and staff create and adopt policies and procedures to meet the governments welfare requirements. You can view them in our pre-school: